[News] Park Jung Min Reached Taiwan, Not Able To See Janet Jackson [18.02.11]

Source: Taiwan Yahoo News
Chinese to English Translation: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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South Korean idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, was delayed by 45mins reaching Taiwan yesterday. Dressed in black, he appeared at the arrival hall, where more than 200 fans surged forward. He was very friendly and greeted them in Chinese [你好(How do you do)] while accepting the fans’ gifts and flowers. There were around 20 airport security maintaining law and order.

As soon as Park Jung Min touched down at Taipei Taoyuan Airport, he went straight to [KiKi] to try Sichuan cuisine. He knows that Janet Jackson is also having concert in Taiwan, thus asking his company to let him off for a few hours so that he can go to watch her concert. But due to his extremely tight schedule, he has to forgo it.

Park Jung Min came to Taiwan to promote his mini solo album “Not Alone“. He will be having a fansign session at 2pm tomorrow at XiMenDing Red House Square. The next following day, he will be having his fanmeeting where he will be singing a Chinese song for the 1st time. He boasted that he want his Taiwan fans to understand even without looking at the lyrics.